Additional Services Color and highlights in Scottsdale

Hair Cuts

We offer professional Haircuts and include your first cut with a full service at Xtension Envy Hair Extension Salon in Scottsdale. 

Colors and Highlights

We color and highlight to make sure you have the perfect look. Our speciality is matching your hair and extensions perfectly.

Blowouts and styling

Of course our salon will do a blowout or give you the perfect style for  that special occasion.

Braiding Service

Want the perfect Braid ? We can do it.

Menu / Price List

Pricing can vary depending on length and style of hair, Subject to change at any time. Additional services offered at salon if not listed.

Women Haircut, Hair Braiding and Hair Coloring by Xtension Envy in Scottsdale

Hair Extensions can change your whole outlook, be confident, look great.

Take control by empowering yourself.

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