Xtension Envy Exclusive Membership for Hair Extensions In Scottsdale

Why choose our membership

Hair extensions can change your whole outlook on life. Many of our clients tell us their confidence has skyrocketed, they feel more empowered, and it has helped them in many other areas of life. We created our membership to give you the best value and service for your hair extensions. We include your regular maintenance to keep your hair healthy and looking great all the time.  With our membership you have the confidence to know you will be taken care of.  Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your hair healthy and looking great and making sure you do not compromise your own hair. 

We only carry 100% REMY Human Hair Extensions in Scottsdale and Phoenix.

Membership options

To choose the best option we always offer a FREE consultation.

We have 4 options to choose from.

Whether you  want to add a-little Volume, Color, Length , or complete Full head of extensions. Our memberships give you the flexibility to choose what is best for you.

Our Members save a minimum of 35% and up to 50% from traditional salons!

Starting as low as $299 

Benefits of Membership

Our membership includes :

  1. Hair 
  2. Installation 
  3. Cut and style
  4. Guarantee 
  5. Regular maintenance every 4 to 8 weeks
  6. Discounts of products
  7. Discounts on additional services

Menu / Price List

Our Hair can last up to a year depending on how you maintain and care for your hair extensions. All members get special pricing on replacement whenever your decide to replace it.

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